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Hi, I’m Chris

I would love to work with you to inspire others to make a difference, creating the engaging persuasive writing that moves people to make a positive change. Your “voice” is heard through your marketing; your website, emails, and content pieces. Every organization has a story to tell. Together we’ll make sure yours gets heard.

You will find me easy to work with, a professional who takes pride in the quality of his work.

Here is some of my background and why it matters to you.

I worked as an Environmental Protection Specialist with the Coast Guard:

  • Responding to and investigating marine oil and chemical spills and providing oversight during cleanup.

  • Working with industry to create contingency plans to protect sensitive wildlife areas.

  • Preventing the introduction of invasive species.

How that helps you:

I understand the phases of site assessments. I know the planning cycles, resource, supply chain, and scope management required in site cleanup, remediation, and ecological revitalization. Together we can identify the unique value you bring as a company and I will write copy and content which will distinguish you from your competitors.

I have a conceptual understanding of the technical side of environmental work and the ability to communicate those ideas to your audience in a way that relates to them on a personal level.

I’m a USCG Credentialed Merchant Mariner who owned and operated a Commercial Dive Business

How that helps you:

I understand the connection between our built environment and the natural environment. I know the impact human activity has on the environment, and how a healthy or unhealthy environment directly impacts people’s lives. I can persuade your audience to get excited about the work you do and get them to Take Action.

I am a certified Project Management Professional and Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.

I’ve worked in crisis & emergency management finding creative solutions to complex problems while under pressure in rapidly evolving situations.

How that helps you:

My work as a project manager has required me to be a persuasive writer, able to communicate complex information to both technical and general readers.

I have a proven process for managing my writing projects that ensures they are well researched, well written, on target, on time, and highly effective.

Chris listened to our needs and completed our project with amazing results
— Susan Miller, Director, The Darby Creek Valley Association