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  • Provide Environmental Consulting Services, Site Remediation, or Environmental Management.

  • Are an Environmental or Social Entrepreneur or Technology company.

  • Are a Renewable Energy company.

  • Are a Non-profit looking to connect with potential donors, increase membership, or provide technical information targeted to the general public.


My name is Chris Mason and I write copy that will help your audience identify with your product and mission in a way that makes it personal to them and will inspire them to Action.

My name is Chris Mason and I write copy that will help your audience identify with your product and mission in a way that makes it personal to them and will inspire them to Action.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people when they are deciding who they want to do business with and support. Whether making purchases, donating time or money, or investing, an organization’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) maturity has become a major consideration.

People recognize the need for action so we can meet our needs today without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs. Some action will involve government sponsored mitigation, but most will come from entrepreneurial adaption. Adaptions that will lead to cultural shifts, potentially creating not only a more sustainable future, but a more prosperous one.

Grassroots movements and market-based solutions from organizations like yours are leading the way, providing incentives to conserve and finding innovative ways to create a more sustainable existence.

Examples include:

·         Architects designing Ecovillages                                                                            

·         Civil Engineers repurposing unused underground areas for agriculture and other uses.

·         For profit companies being created for the sole purpose of creating and preserving wilderness areas.

·         For profit companies teaming up with non-profits to encourage cultural shifts towards sustainability.

·         Advances in the biological sciences improving environmental risk assessment, risk management and bioremediation of contaminated sites.

·         Advances in renewable energy technology changing how we get our energy, moving us off outdated grids and providing localized, sustainable energy.

·         Wildlife management and conservation efforts increasingly supported through biotechnology solutions.

·         Enhancement of sustainability in agriculture (including crops and livestock) and aquaculture (including finfish and shellfish).

·         Businesses becoming more socially conscious, creating more sustainable business practices, designing resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation.

This dynamic environment makes your messaging and how you communicate with your audience more important than ever.

As your copywriter I am committed to keeping up with these changes and developments so, with quality research, I can write on a variety of subjects related to your mission.

I will capture your passion for your organization, project, or product and effectively communicate both the technical and emotional elements to your audience in a way that persuades them and empowers them towards action.

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